Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Greene and Greene Style Sideboard

We're finishing up a copy of a sideboard we first made (for the same client) back in late 2003. It is inspired by the designs of Greene & Greene, two turn of the last century architects in California. They were inspired by nature and oriental design and created many beautiful homes in the Pasadena, California area. The most famous one being the Gamble House, which I visited before I designed the furniture for the client's original dining room. The piece we're working on will, after mellowing from it's current newness , look pretty much like the original, except since it will be going in a larger room, we added a little extra detail to the end panels and the wood we are using has some very interesting figure.
I belong to a Yahoo Greene & Greene newsgroup and one of the members has requested that I publish instructions for making the drawer pulls on the piece shown here, which I will do in a seperate post for anyone that's interested. They are distinctive, really nice to use and a little tricky to figure out if you haven't made them before.

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