Tuesday, March 29, 2022

a walnut dining table with a leaf

we shipped this one off to Florida last week ... natural walnut,
54 x 88 closed, one 20"" leaf .... 
                        This was the inspiration photo sent by the client early in the negotiations…
                                       So we started with some nice walnut from irion lumber
                                                and some poplar for test pieces

and a new cad drawing
we had a little back and forth on the apron details, but we got it
and we ordered a new custom shaper knife to cut the profile in one pass
ta dah!
it took a few shots to figure out the cnc work on the leg, and 
get the profile exactly the way the client wanted it,
but we finally got to a place where we were all happy
the top was pretty straightforward with the fine wood from irion lumber
time to get it all together
we finished it up, and off it went to florida ...
and we didn't hear a peep for a month or two. one day Kristian
asked if i had heard anything, and i hadn't.  then, i kid you not, later that day
i got some photos, and one of the nicest emails about a piece of furniture
a person could hope for ...

all for now

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

some bubinga chairs

good to go!  off to the west coast later this week!

we recently completed 10 bubinga chairs for a client in california
who made his own bubinga table during the covid lockdown
 and i must admit, he did a most impressive job!
back in 2003, we made this dining table with a slab of bubinga
from goodhope hardwoods and the sideboard and chairs from another.
the chairs are a contemporary adaption of our classic transitional chairs
which are an adaptation we made from an original fully upholstered 
beidermeier style chair that we copied for some clients in the early/mid 90s.
we also made these 8 mahogany and maple burl chairs and sent them 
however, since at that time i had 4 guys in the shop, i did not
have much to do with their construction 
so, fortunately, Kristian is up to speed on the cnc so he took over figuring out the 
joinery and programming to cut the parts ...
and there were a lot of parts ...
also fortunately, we had a mockup side chair and a mockup arm chair we
made when we did previous runs of these chairs.
since we have a new cad/cam program for the cnc, we weren't
able to use the existing files, but Kristian was able to use our 
existing cad drawings to cut the new parts.
all glued up and at the upholsterers now, awaiting their seats and
their upcoming cross country trip!
my original portfolio page from 2003 showing the table, 
the chairs and the sideboard we made way back then ...