Wednesday, February 1, 2023

a vermont sap spout maple console table

ok ... this is a fun one!  
last week and some of this week we have been waiting for 
a big load of reclaimed chestnut to arrive from west virginia .. 
we got word yesterday that it will be here by friday ..
in the meantime we made some pieces for sale 
out of wood that has been 'hanging around'.   
these three boards i know i have owned for since at least 2015 ..

anyway,  this table is 18 x 58 x 30" high and would look great in your
entryway, behind your couch, or as a compact work desk.
ready to ship or deliver immediately.
vermont maple at its finest
at the top of the home page on my blog ..
a few more ready to go in the previous blog post.
click the pictures for a closer look ...