Saturday, October 29, 2016

another spalted maple table

 11/3/16 .. all in, all done .. ready to deliver early next week
see below for start to finish ...
the raw slab, marked out for cutting, above ..
10/28 .. first coat of finish on the top
the raw, sandblasted, water jet cut steel parts before polishing and the black patina ..
the legs have been blackened now, and we'll be putting it all together monday or tuesday ...

 this top is another slab table from the maple log i picked up recently ...

cutting it down to 93" to fit the space ... same base as the last one ...
it had some cracks and defects, and we'll be adding walnut butterflies to the large crack at the far end.
i missed a photo here where we had gone around all the cracks with green tape before we poured the 
clear epoxy fill .. you can just see one piece of tape that was left in the near right corner.
it's gray now from sanding, but the larger areas will be water clear when they are polished and finished.
it takes a couple pours, and this was the final one ... west systems epoxy ...

Thursday, October 13, 2016

next !!

october 21 .. good to go ... off to boston tuesday ..
pretty crowded in the finish room .. hard to get a good photo
10/25  on site .. more room for a photo here in its new home
this is an interesting photography technique i've been noticing in more than one high fashion magazine ad .. rather then a tedious and quite time consuming photoshop backround cut, it's a fast, approximate cut that still dramatically isolates the image from what is sometimes a confusing background.
will be ready to go by the end of next week ... it is the most popular size requested, +/- 42 wide by +/- 8 ' long.  luckily, our friends at goodhope hardwoods had a great slab on hand ..
 trevor flattened and smoothed it up with the power planer, and routed the bottom for the base.

the top is nearly finished and is just waiting for the base to be patinated
and attached before it gets its final topcoat ..
 the parts are drilled, tapped and assembled, and i hope we can start the patina process by monday ..
 the waterjetted parts.  it takes 'almost all day' to cut just one of the verticals ..
setting up to drill them on the drill press .. we have a system by now ...
updates to follow ...

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Capital Letters

I stand corrected, if only for this particular blog post.
My Uncles have all passed on, but I would
be appalled to miscommunicate ANY information regarding
my friend Jack and his horse.
 I plan to use CAPITAL LETTERS for at least 
the next hour or two ... Beyond that, probably not so much.
Your friend,

Sunday, October 2, 2016

a claro walnut update ... with chairs

 we'll be delivering the claro walnut table on thursday this week. 
for the full story on this table, including a chain sawing video, 
thanks to sandy sherman chair caning, for the danish cord seat weaving,
everything is ready to go and it all looks great!
10/7/16 ... on site now ... 

Saturday, October 1, 2016

a small claro walnut slab coffee table

we wrapped up a small claro walnut slab coffee table this week
it's off to long island next week ...
cad drawing, and photo of the slab
it's got a steel base, same as this table, that we made last november, 
only without the 'squiggles' ...
it had some interesting features, like the unusual knot hole and a long,
thin crack that encouraged us to add 5 butterflies.

 before the finish
after the finish
 and before we started ... all for now .. we've got another claro slab dining table
in the works that should be finished sometime next week ...