Saturday, May 30, 2020

A triangular coffee table

well ok ... here's one from back in the fall.  thanksgiving to be more precise.
the clients had a table that had been made for them, but
over time it had acquired some structural concerns, like about an inch
and a half warp across across the middle, and they we looking
for something with a 'live edge on three sides', kind of a tall order.
BUT!, Goodhope hardwoods had the exact slab i needed for the project!!

cad drawing to measurement specs ..

then i photoshopped the planned cuts

and we did the initial surfacing down the road at a friend's factory ...

a little scraping and we moved it to the shop
after Sam fashioned the steel parts, we decided that the initial
bracing concept was unnecessary and we went with just the three legs
i cut the legs from a dead tree that had fallen in the woods behind the garage ..
beautiful double crotch figure!
home in time for turkey day ..

Saturday, May 23, 2020

ok, i'm back ....

it's been almost 6 months since i have added to the plus or minus 900
blog posts i have written.   my longest time off from blogging since i started in 2007. 
in november the doctors gave me a date of January 21st for open heart surgery 
to repair a leaky mitral valve, and that threw me off stride a bit.
my surgery and recovery has gone well; i have been back to work now for
a couple of months, feeling good, and the golf courses have opened!
we just shipped out a nice outdoor commission last thursday and
it all looks very happy in its new home ...
click the photos to enlarge them ... 
 nice river view!  
as you can see below, there were lots of steps between the drawing and the finished product ..
the table was easy .. sort of like my original dining table i made for our house in 1975.
the chairs, not so easy .... but typical of the process ... 
first i made a poplar mockup from an inspiration photo that the client sent me ... 
which after due consideration, the client requested that i lower the top of the chair 4", 
which i was able to do here in photoshop ..
coming together now
since my office has been moved to my old finish room, for larger
projects now we often go to finish them in my garage, which is heated and more spacious.
ready to roll above, a great project with great clients!

i will try to add other entries on other projects we have completed since 
november as the spirit moves me ... 
good see that folks are still reading even though i haven't been writing ..