Friday, October 13, 2023

some live edge coffee tables from last august

 sam came back from a jobsite yesterday with some pictures 
of  two coffee tables we made last year, but never photographed 
on site because the house wasn't finished when we delivered them,
two big ones!
this one is claro walnut, about 4 and a half feet wide and 6' long ...
in the background there is a set of stairs that sam made the
steel parts for .. there is a two story piece of glass behind them ...
this one is about the same size with a tricky 'waterfall' end that 
kristian executed flawlessly  .. as i remember, 
the miter cut was over 60" wide ... some other photos of
the tables as we worked on them below ..
after it was cut and glued, the miter was reinforced 
with a piece of 2.5" angle iron
before the finish
the other end was supported by a sam made steel trapezoid base.
the claro walnut slab had some nice figure!
always nice to see things in their final homes