Sunday, July 10, 2016

a custom kitchen

well, we've been working on a kitchen for a couple months now ... we are coming down the home stretch now.  it's not been an easy one, but the clients have been great, and it's been a good exercise for the old brain, keeping track of the challenges and details ...
 just waiting for the marble and a few pieces of hardware ..
it was a long road from the drawings at the top to the photos above .. the story is below ..

the 'before' shot ... after the flood, before the rewiring and new sheetrock ..
and the removal of some of the existing structure to increase storage options ..
interesting existing challenges abound ...

for instance, this corner is 1.5" out of square in 44", floors not level; walls are not plumb either ..
leveling up the kicks ..
dealing with the heat and pipes in the corner
 cabinets and temporary counters!! memorial day weekend ..

 waiting for the appliances ..
 interesting big drawers and corner detail ,,,

two fridges and some cabinets here ..
cutting the range hood through two 4x6s was a particularly challenging operation
 lots of climbing around on top of the stove

dealing with the out of square, out of plumb corner
lights on! all set for the 4th of july!

looking like a kitchen ...
making some big doors for the pantry in the shop this past week .. 
hope to get these and the marble counters in place soon .
all for now ..