Friday, June 26, 2020

coffee tables

i was working with a client recently who was looking for a spalted maple 
coffee table ... i had three pieces left from a log i bought from 
a local guy about 5 years ago.  we did a quick sand on them and
met with the client, who decided they were a little large for her ...
 i had these walnut legs from a previous table,  below,
bought by a client who had me change that table's legs to metal
 so when the current client selected another smaller slab, i finished up 
one of the three above and it is in the top two photos, ready to go ... about 23 x 64 x 16 high.
for a price on that one, please call or email 
802-379-1478, or
and these other two slabs are still available
and then, as i cruise the shop, other possibilities appear, like the one above,
the one above can go as is, or be made into an oval +/- 28 x 45, maybe a little larger ..
or this one could be a round coffee or center table, maybe 32" in diameter
and then a live edge table about 48" long by 30 to 34" wide
small dining or coffee table ..
also available is this 'and now for something completely different' white oak coffee table ..
the slab had some non removeable sticker burns which i had to paint somehow to hide.  
inspired by a david smith show at the clark art museum
it's been around for a while 
and can be seen, along with the one below at the ellenbogen gallery
in manchester, vermont, next to the price chopper ...
nice grain in this one
and the one above is in my office, but i'd be willing to part with it 
in order to make something new
and last, but not least, this is a piece of very highly figured claro
that would make an interesting console table with a metal base
and the grain running the short way, which is atypical ...
i remember this slab as having really spectacular figure.

that about wraps it up for today ... call to chat about any of these ...
no reasonable offer refused ...
my apologies about the formatting in this post ..
blogger seems to have changed something and i am out of the loop

Friday, June 5, 2020

cremation urns .. a meditative process

time for a little update to an ongoing post i wrote back in 2014.
i am working on a new mahogany box for a client in Louisiana
similar to the one below, only in natural mahogany ...
this photo shows the interior, with the supports for the sub top
i will add a small leather tab to the back of the sub top 
once i have completed the finishing
it is in the finish room now ... more photos later ...
we've made a number of boxes for friends' ashes over the years.  i always find it an honor, a time to reflect, and a time to appreciate the person and the relationship we had.  the boxes and caskets below were all made in the last 7 years and i expect as time goes by to make a few more each year. our friends are getting older. click the photos to enlarge them.
the box at the top of this post was for the mother of a good friend;  her daughter in law's box is in the photo above; both boxes are in stained butternut.
this one was for a good friend's mother; cherry and curly maple.
a matching pair ... the husband above in november; the wife, below, a few months later.
both in stained quartered cherry
and we knew them since the 70's
a friend for 43 years who passed on this past summer .. birdseye maple and steel; family effort; sam on metal; will on dovetails; dan on the box bottom, the lid, and finish
kit's mom;  milk painted pine and douglas fir
mother in law above ... father in law below

reclaimed pine
a few more boxes from the archives below

"put a piece of glass in that sub top so horst gets some light in there"

not an urn, but a 'treasure box' .. 
and here are two casket i made,
one for my dad , a dancer, an engineer, a fisherman and a hunter; cherry and walnut
and one for my mom; a mom and a quilter; various woods
 there is a detailed post on box making with dimensions and step by step steps at this link
 they've all been spur of the moment projects and i haven't varied the theme much
 and often i get one of these
jump at the chance to make one if it comes your way.  you won't regret it.  it's wonderful thing to do.