Saturday, December 24, 2016

merry christmas to all ...

and warm wishes to you for the best of holiday seasons ... 
below are a few images from Christmases past ...
above is a christmas card by sam, circa 1987 ... kit  and i watched him draw this ..
he drew the four red feet first, then the body and the face,
 then the red nose last
ice storm, 2008
shop lights, late afternoon
sunset 2015
my 'glass house' gingerbread house .. 2012 ...
with furniture
front porch
no snow, and green grass
we actually golfed on christmas eve and christmas last year
backyard 2011
and this year, taken thursday when we were still working...
and to all a good night !! 
here's to a healthy and prosperous 2017

Thursday, December 22, 2016

a brushed oak oval table

ok, we dropped this one off in manchester, vt today .. first local one in a while. the base was on a much smaller table that the client bought at the brimfield antique show a few years back .. we had to massage it a bit and put some oil on it, but it was a very clever, 'adjustable height' concept, and
very rigid once we made some adjustments.  great concept !!!
the finish color was somewhere between the top photo, which was whiter than it actually was, and the one above, which is darker than it actually is .. i've taken so many photos that if i get close, i just call it a wrap .. you'll have to use your imagination, but we thought i looked good.
we started with some beautiful 8/4 quartered white oak from adirondack hardwoods in saranac lake, n.y.
trevor cut the 102" long oval halves on our 100" cnc by cleverly running two half oval files and moving the blank about 8 " between files.  pretty clever of him ...
then we got to use this pretty cool makita wire brushing tool that we borrowed from a friend.
then we glued up the two halves using 'the paper bag trick' where you glue short matching
blocks to the halves with a piece of brown paper bag, add a few short clamps to give a little extra holding power and the n use your bar clamps to close the joint .. once the glue sets, whack the blocks with a hammer and the bag splits and they pop right off with no damage to the table .. 
here's a close up
here trevor is doing the final sanding before the final dull rubbed poly top coat ..
he is getting really good at finishing ..
  i hope to get an onsite, decorated photo with chairs from my client soon .. 
all for now ..

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

a claro walnut slab table

 we delivered this one to boston a while back, but i'm just getting around to posting
photos now .. it was a spectacular slab and it went, definitely, to a good home
 here it is, u[side down, with the base attached ...
and here is a close up of the figure in the top ... loved the curvy edges ...
 we started with this slab photo from our friends at goodhope hardwoods
 in the end, we were able to buy it without the drop pon the right end where 
it was way wider than we needed ...
 it had a few smallish cracks, but was otherwise perfect, 
which is very unusual for a slab of this size
we filled them in and it was off to the finish room ..
 here it is with a wet coat of varnish  ..
and a close up of the water jet cut 1.5" thick legs with our 'bronze' finish

for more pictures of our claro walnut slab tables, visit the 'slide shows' page on our blog
the claro walnut tables are in the 'live edge tables' folder ...

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

yet one more round walnut table

12/13/16 ... all in , all done .. ready to roll off to new york this week
12/19 .. home for the holidays
 high gloss laquered ceiling .. wallpaper
72" round, 2 18" leave ... below is the story ...
first, a couple of scale drawings of the table in the room

and an elevation below
i am not sure what is going on in the marketplace, but this year has been one for us
just full of round walnut tables, with and without leaves, lots and lots of live edge 
tables, claro walnut and spalted maple mostly, 3 serious steel and walnut pool tables of the same design,   and other items involving steel in some form or another.  i'm not complaining mind you, in fact, i like
the mix ... i'm just curious why the mix isn't more broad.  must be google ...
so, here comes another round walnut table, at least the 5th this year ...six feet in diameter with 2 leaves,
to be followed shortly afterwards by another round walnut table, 60 inches in diameter, no leaves. ... 
go figure ... where are the desk, sideboard, and other case piece folks?
no worries ... here's the wood we got from irion lumber for the 72" round  ... some progress photos below ..
the base is veneered and the columns are cut to a rough shape.
they will be sanded up and the base should be all assembled tomorrow or wednesday.
 trevor cut the halves of the tops today .. waste not, want not ...
he cut it close with his glue up
the two halves of the top and the apron parts .. all cut on the cnc
the sub top, the equalized runners from rockler, and the leaves waiting to be cut and fitted.

more photos as we progress ...
11/29/16  first rough assembly of the parts today

Thursday, December 8, 2016

a live edge walnut coffee table

we had a request for a 4' x 4' live edge walnut coffee table
with a metal base recently ..the final cuts above were laid out with tape,
 and photoshopped for the client's approval ...
 i was lucky to find these two crotch walnut slabs
online at alderfer lumber in pensylvania.  the 
price was good to and they delivered them in their own truck
for a nominal fee ..
while we were waiting for the slabs to arrive, the width was changed to +/- 36" x 48 long ...
i changed the drawing, and we had to trim the slabs back a bit  ore
than we originally anticipated, but it all worked out ... we mocked up the metal base with
a couple scraps of plywood, and gave the 
client the option  to fill or leave the cracks.  we'll be filling them
with some tinted epoxy tomorrow ...
the defects were actually surprisingly modest, and they will be relatively easy to fill ..

i have this other american walnut slab i got from a different supplier,
and the wood in this table will look similar to the photo below when it is finished
beautiful grain !!