Tuesday, June 13, 2023

art show ...


the dorset field club, where i play golf, paddle tennis and tennis is having its first 
one day member art show.  each member/artist was invited to show two paintings,
two drawings, or two photographs representing their artistic leanings ... 
the list of participants is lengthy, and i look forward to seeing the show tomorrow.

i had trouble selecting just two works from the many drawings and paint splashes 
i have made over the years ... there is a slideshow at this link of 
some of the paintings, drawings, pottery, and woodburnings i had to choose from.
  use your arrow keys to click quickly through it.

in the end, i selected a couple of small ones for the show, like 7" x 11" or so ..
over and out ... more after the show
ok ... the show's over, and what a hit it was!
it was a very rainy and dark afternoon, but when i got 
there at 5:00 the place was full!  so full, i couldn't really take any 
pictures of the art til the party ended at 7:00, and folks filtered out.
there were over 30 members contributing, and the outpouring 
of  'hidden talent' most folks found 'pretty amazing' ..
who knew?
below are some photos, without all the people ...
click the photos to enlarge them ...
those are mara and kristian's sheep in the lower left corner
a few of the larger works ...
a close up of one by nancy howe
my two small paintings look a little lost there 
to the left of dr. henley's dog portraits and just to 
the right and below pam marron's barn ...
the 'pirate' was a hit with me ... 
i spoke to the artist and she said it was one of her 'smaller ones'
it's a wrap! a few folks still at the bar, 
but by the next morning it was all gone ...

thanks to leida rodenburg and patti campbell for putting this all together ...

lots of furniture photos to see on my website and blog ....