Saturday, July 29, 2023

repairs and restoration

 i had a chat with a friend about 'repairing things' recently ... 
we have done several repair projects, for several different clients, 
and after our chat, i sent him this link ...

it takes you here ... 
click the images to enlarge them
 there are 34 separate posts on my blog about us repairing stuff.
it is an interesting and often fun and rewarding part of our business.
after i sent the link off i actually took the time to cruise through
the various projects, some of which i scarcely remembered.
these projects tend to come and go quickly.
and below are some excerpts from other writers' take on the process ...
so true here
below are some images selected from the link above
showing some of things we have fixed in the last 40+ years ... 
rereading these posts this rainy afternoon has been quite a trip for me ...
it's a long story
with a happy ending  
and how about this one?
we didn't have to do much, but it sure was fun having it here for a bit
someone spent some time on this one
and we spent some time on the one below
one of the finest writing arm windsors i have seen
all the original pieces were available
tah dah!  all in, all done
one more ...
we had to reattach the top to this 'papier mache' tilt top table
with the little scraps of abalone inlays in the oval border ...
who even knew there was such a thing?
ok, last one  scroll down


Thursday, July 27, 2023

triangular louvers

the week before last, we had a a request for some triangular louvers ...

                                        well, i've made them before.  23 years ago to be exact, 
and for my own house!   the problem was, i had to 
figure it all out all over again ...
kristian ran a ladder up to the one on the front of the house,
and checked some angles and spaces
and he worked from a cardboard template the
builder supplied for us .. 
we framed one up from the cardboard, and took it to the house 
for a test drive ... all good!
one full triangle and two halves, one for either side of 
a chimney on the other end 
        the half louvers escaped without being photographed,
but we'll get an onsite photos soon ...
we have three on our house