Monday, December 15, 2008

Build your own Pool Table Update


12/15/08 The base is together and the slate is on for now ... Next up, cut the corners of the slate frame, cut the rails to length, drill for the pockets, attach the plates that allow you to bolt the rails to the table and move it all along ... More pics soon ...

Slate screwed on, ready to cut the rails as soon as all the cushion rubbers are glued on

Base with slate

Posts and beams with slate frame

This is an update to the post 'Build Your Own Pool Table' that I started back on November 21st. We brought the beams into the shop then so they could acclimate, rough resawed the wood for the rails, blinds and slate frame and now we're under way ... We have cut and cleaned the long beams, reinforced the resawn rails with ply and now we're about to join the base with short dowels and steel angle irons. We're also designing a light fixture (pending client approval) for over the table. I found some GREAT green glass shades at a decent price at my local lighting store and Sam and I are working out the design and pricing details ... We should have the base together by the end of the day .... Click the photos and drawings to enlarge them ....

CAD drawing for the slate and the slate support frame

CAD showing the rail lengths, pockets and cushions

Elevation with light ....

The three pieces of slate as they come to us from Imperial USA

The joinery of the slate support frame. The cross pieces are centered under the joints in the slate.

The potential glass shade for the light fixture ... It's really nice for a new one ... Usually the old ones look way better, but these are just as good .... After a few small design modifications, the client has given us the go on the light fixture ....

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Unknown said...

Hi Mr. Mosheim!
You're doin great job building this pool table, hope results'll be very good!
It's very interesting how to make legs look like old wood, like legs in this project?
Best wishes!