Thursday, November 7, 2019

Another ‘studio style’ desk

another studio style desk now in california ... we sent a similar
one to conecticutt back in february ... this one has our 'Egypt leg', 
a leg style i did first in 1987.

from the website

cad drawing 
parts and joinery
structure for the drawers
secret compartment

a better photo

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

visiting some old friends

i had a call recently from some clients that i made some furniture for
in the 90s and very early 2000s.  they recently sold their original vermont ski house
and moved to dorset.  even though they've been here a few years, i hadn't made the effort 
to stop and see them.  they got a small 'ring' on their table after a recent dinner party
and i got the call to come see if i could help with that.  i am still thinking on the best 
way to handle it.  but, i rnjoyed my visiti and it was good to see some furniture
i made nearly 20 years ago look pretty much like it did when i delivered it,
back in the day.
this is a cell phone picture i took when i visited the lasgt week ...
and this is a picture from my website that i took with 
my nikon film camera when i delivered the table, chairs, 
mirror and sideboard when it was new ...
the table and chairs today

construction shot in the shop
and it was also nice to see this curly oak and lacewood coffee table 
with some ebony and reclaimed piano key details
and a pair of our arts and crafts cherry and burl stools 
with their original fabric .. it;s all good ...

another sideboard

this mahogany sideboard looks pretty happy 
in its new home on lake george ...
team design with the clients to accommodate their storage needs 
lots of mortises and tenons
and some interesting intersections

and all the wood came from one 21" x 13' plank of mahogany from irion lumber ..
some dovetailed drawers
and weare ready for hinges, hardware, stain and finish
this sideboard joins two other pieces we made
last year for this boathouse on lake george.
for a fascinating description of part of its renovation
here is a link to a blog post entitled
'adventures in underwater construction'
it sits completely in the lake with only a small 'causeway' connecting it ot land
we also made this custom walnut game table with a
compass rose inly

Saturday, September 14, 2019


I have been a bit lax in my blogging for the last year or so. 
 as I finished the previous post about an art deco sideboard, out of
curiosity, I clicked on the 'stats' page … it has changed since the
last time I looked when it showed 30 day visits and you had to manually 
enter dates to view total page visits
here's where we are as of September 6th …

 one million, seven hundred seventy three thousand, eight hundred and forty five page views!!!

so, thank you readers.  I hope you have enjoyed your visits here,
and I am flattered by your attention.  I will keep writing occasionally, but
certainly not like I did from 2010 to 2014 when I was trying to share and document 
everything I did so I could remember the process and explain how we did things both 
to my employees who maybe weren't here for a particular project, or were 
working on something else, and also so as I aged, I could remember 
how things were done my own self.

as I look back through the 900 some blog posts, I am amazed and honored
at the number and variety of complex and rewarding projects our clients
have allowed us to create … 
Onward we go!
steel base for a slab table post 36,401 views

Friday, September 6, 2019

a nice walnut sideboard

we recently finished this mirrored art deco styled bar cabinet, and 
today we got a confirmation of delivery and a nice note... 
this new cabinet was a 'simplified' version of the original cabinet below that we made for another client way, way back in 2009
they are both stained/painted pieces, one with gray mirrors with a back, and the 
original with an open back ... both were fun and challenging projects.
cad  comparison
early stages ... mortises tenons and tapers on the cnc
the openings were filled in with walnut ply, allowing spaces for the mirrors
and some 'speed racks' on the doors ..
installed the grey mirrors and sent it on its way ...

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Another Claro Walnut Slab Table

well, OK … this semi retirement thing must be ok … after writing
many posts per month since November of 2007, I just noticed I 
haven't posted anything since april … i'm still working, but I only need 
a little work to keep myself out of trouble all week, and the nephew busy Tuesdays and Wednesday. I seem to be good for about 5 or 6 hours a day. in by 9:00, hour for lunch with a nap, off to the golf course or the tennis court by 3:30 or 4:00 ... it has been a great summer, and
the pressure is off of the marketing department …
work continues to roll in more or less at about the right pace … 
here's one we finished back in june ..
the process was typical .. we have made about 50 of them ...
pictures and notes below.
the raw slab from goodhope hardwoods
adjust in photoshop to the clients dimensions and request for 'straightened edges'
the client requested a new design trestle steel base
 made a new model with the new base design

sam whipped it up
while Kristian and I did a few repairs
and laid out the 'straightened edges with placemats
you can see the cuts in the photo with the green tape
all in, all done … out the door in early july