Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rounding Up The Railings

Sam and I have recently had a number of new requests for metal railings, both indoor and outdoor. The pictures that we have on the web are scattered throughout our blog and website and I thought it best to organize at least most of them here for a good quick overview ...
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A contemporary railing with fabricated tapered posts and floor mounted post flanges.
A typical hand drawing for a railing project proposal

A typical CAD drawing for a stair and balcony railing
Plasma cut 3/8ths" thick tapered spindles
Railing from the CAD drawing above

One inch twisted balusters, 1 per step, with fabricated metal base collars.
The Rupert, Vermont, Town Hall
I just happened to catch these as Sam was painting over the primer on the back side... I thought it was a cool look ... We don't have a picture of the full railing installation yet ..
The JK Adams gas heater railing/guard
Straight, twist and repeat
This is an antique railing from Boyertwon, PA ...Cast elements similar to these are still readily available ..
While not like the railings above, the photos show some other metalwork Sam has completed in the last year ...

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