Friday, February 27, 2009

Mirrors for the Tapered Cabinets

Back in December, we finished a pair of tapered cases for a client in Philadelphia. The whole concept has now evolved to include two mirrors and a beautiful handmade quilt ... We finished the mirrors yesterday and they will be delivered next week sometime to complete the picture ... I kind of like fooling with Photoshop and I've got the whole concept mocked up below. This was a great project and I look forward to seeing it in person next time I'm in Pennsylvania, which may be to see the Philadelphia Fine Furniture Show at the end of March ....
The mockup with the mirrors and the quilt added .. Click to enlarge

Head on of the finished mirror
We made up the stock, sanded and assembled all the frame parts with the walnut edges tacked on. Next we mitered the molding sections and then disassembled the outside edges so we could glue the corners and reinforce the joints with corner screws. Then we added the precut walnut edges back to the frames with clamps, glue and blocks to wrap them up.
Adding the walnut borders

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