Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2nd Floor CNC

First time visitors to the second floor of my shop often ask 'How did you get that thing up here?' Invariably, I can't find the book with the pictures from the installation so I'm putting them here so I can find them ... Open Studio is coming in May and I know I'll need them then ... Click the photos to enlarge them ... About 25 more shop photos in the post below.
The completed installation.
Beginning of the installation process .. That's Jim with one of his favorite weapons.
Ready to go .. +/- 2;30 in the afternoon.
The next morning ... Noel Dydo, my main excavating man at the wheel. It was a borrowed Lull and his last comment before he got on board was 'I haven't ever driven one this old before' . Comforting.
Anyway ... In it went at about 11:00.
Buttoned back up by the end of the day ... That was five years ago in November and I think my last payment will be in July ... Mortgage burning party coming up .... To see what we do with this tool, check the category to the right called 'Trevor's CNC Projects' ... It's amazing. We do custom cnc work for other furniture makers both locally and not so locally ...

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Jeff Branch said...

I also wondered how you got that thing upstairs - very interesting.