Saturday, September 24, 2011

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we've never used this wood before, and i'm not sure i'm real anxious to use it again. as you can see in the photo below, it is completely wrinkly off the splitter. so wrinkly in fact that we couldn't actually join the veneers, but had to glue them down to individual pieces of substrate, which we then glued into a panel. the problem was that the edge of the cut veneer actually change shape as it flattened out (duh) so unless it was perfectly flat when cut, the cut wasn't straight. i'm not sure how folks deal with this in a commercial veneer shop, but we did it the only way we knew how... click the photos to enlarge them ... close up of the veneers on arrival
cad stuff for estimating material costs ...
in the architect's specs, there was a 1/4" x 1/4" reveal, which, after making the mock up above, we determined also had to be veneered, which called for a change order for the considerable added very fussy labor.
we started with the legs and the tops of the legs ...
then will veneered the individual 'boards' that make up the central 'box' which was on the specs at 7 x 48 x 42 high. this is a tall table for an employee lounge ...
we finally got it all together and created these extra 'legs' so that it can be shipped in pieces.
there are metal plates that join the aprons on the inside, so the set up will be:
* set the central box in place
* remove the temporary legs and install the steel plates.
* move the table base to it's approximate final placement.
* add the central support frame, adjust the legs and aprons to suit
* add the stainless steel screws to complete the joinery.
tough stuff

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Jeff said...

For all the trouble, the eucalyptus sure looks handsomme. Very nice figure.