Thursday, March 1, 2012

website problems

3/6/2012 ... thanks to my website designers, my site is back up! severals readers offered their input on the problem, and i thank them for that. from reading their suggestions and some of the links that they sent, i realized that the problem was a server update problem, the solution to which was kind of technical, and without doing this every day, not easy to comprehend. back in business now ... if i can just get some of our new stuff up there, i'll be all set ... soon ...

my apologies folks ... my host, 1 and 1, sent us an email informing us that they were doing some 'maintenance work' and it appears they have created a problem with our website ... we are in touch with them and they are 'working on it'. please contact me at by email at or call me at 802 867 5541 if you need information about our work .. hopefully this will be straightened out soon ... dan
ok now ... will says we have 'inherited' this problem due to a a 'server update' at one and one ... haven't a clue ... any of you coders out there care to comment? thanks ..

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