Thursday, August 9, 2012

a 60" wide slab of claro walnut

well, we got a big one here. it's going to aspen when it's finished. this is the widest slab of claro walnut we have ever had ... it clocks in at 63" at the wide point ... after we trim it up a bit, it will be about 60" wide at both ends and about 8' long. it will have one of our new trapezoid bases. click the photos to enlarge them....

couple close ups of the rough slab here ... we're working on it in my garage as we're a little jammed up at the shop at the moment.

here's the cad drawing

will and trevor wheeled it out to the shade by the woodshed yesterday to begin the flattening process. fire up the makitas ...
the slab was astonishingly flat for something so wide ... a tribute to skip and norman at good hope hardwoods and their ability to dry this stuff so we can work it up. it's truly amazing. that really is a four foot level there on the right end. the winding sticks are about 45" i think.
time ran out before they could completely smooth the face, but the bottom side is pretty much ready to sand and they should be able to finish this side today ... more later as we progress.

today we finished the rough smoothing of the top of the slab, did some rough sanding and mocked up the base with some 2 x 4s we had from when we picked it up at our friend's loading dock.

just like this only in 'natural finish steel .. all for now

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Dave 'Diamond' Merritt said...

Just had to comment. Love your Blog. Such interesting pieces, and some of the restoration work; wow, looks like you guys have interesting lives. Thanks again