Thursday, November 1, 2012

the new pool table is finished

12/31/12 we received this onsite photo of the pool table yesterday ... looks like a good spot ..
  well, after some serious setbacks along the way, all of them inconvenient, but none of them fatal, we finally wrapped up this pool table earlier in the week.  but, due to the hurricane, and the fact that my shipper is based on long island, it is still set up in  my shop, waiting to get on its way to chicago.  hopefully early next week.  click the photos to enlarge them.
 it features curly claro walnut rails with figured mother of pearl inlays and black leather pockets, a welded steel frame base, (about 450 pounds of it), with a 'rainbow' finish and low shine lacquer. 
 it started out as a cad drawing with two different designs.  there was some indecision, which offered us a perfect chance to make a scale model to study the two choices.
one design on one side, one on the other.

not one, but the first TWO sets of slates from our supplier in florida arrived broken due to poor packing and poor trucking.  in the end we were able to secure a high quality (and more expensive) italian slate set from a supplier in (sort of nearby) albany, a short hour and a half away.  setbacks numbers 1 and 2.
we made some jigs on the cnc and sam cut, fit and welded the frame pieces.
Will made the curly claro rails and did the inlay, cushions and felting

here Will drill the rail ends to receive the pocket ears.

we made some support jigs so we could move the sides, with the legs attached, into place to bolt things together.
 and then we set it up in the shop to test everything before finishing the base, and covering the blinds and the slate frame edges in 1/8th" steel too.  it was at this point that we discovered the long side angle iron, that we thought would be stiff enough, wasn't so we had to seek approval to add the center supports to the long sides.  (small) setback #3.
due partly to the jigs we made on the cnc and mostly to sam's care and fitting and welding ability, it was level pretty much wherever we looked.  let's hope the client's floor is as good as ours.
then it was back to the metal shop for finishing.  we ran out of the patina chemical on the last side section and had to wait 5 days for it to ship cross country, hazardous, ground.  setback #4.
and, while sam and jim were doing the patina on the last long side assembly, it fell and smashed jim's finger to the tune of five stitches when he tried to catch it ... too heavy ... setback#5.
while we were waiting, another part of the commission was to make this custom cue rack, also in steel and claro walnut.
and a jig to locate the hidden screws to hang it. 
and now were tapping our foot for hurricane sandy and setback #6.  fortunately, our clients have been ENORMOUSLY patient and understanding as we navigated the process.  i am most certainly looking forward to seeing some photos of the room once our chicago mechanic does the final onsite set up.  it will be in the same room as this 12' claro walnut table we shipped back in july.  must be some room .. all for  now.
for pricing information on this pool table visit our website at this link .

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Unknown said...

Is it possible to purchase this table as a kit without the slate? I have a 3-pc setup leftover from a prior custom table I had built in 2004. My table has been apart since 2007 when we moved from SoCal to Southeast Michigan.

Dorset Custom Furniture said...

we can talk about this via email or phone ...
802-867-5541 ... 802-379-1478
they aren't cheap, with or without the slate. happy to talk though.

Dorset Custom Furniture said...

we have done three other versions of this table ... blog posts are 3/5/15 and 11/26/16