Friday, June 7, 2013

a claro walnut sideboard

final update 6/7 ... ready to go ... click the photos to enlarge them ..
 all in all done ... rolling to north carolina soon ... good job boys ... will on veneers, drawers and finishing, sam on base, and trevor on case work ..
another update 5 29 ... almost ready for finish .. lookin' good
update 5 22
 faces of the drawers  .. inside of the doors
will is working on the faces of the doors and they should be glued up sometime tomorrow.

we're working on a fun one.  we have accumulated a small pile of cutoffs from the 15 or twenty claro walnut tables we've made in the past couple of years and now we've got a use for them.  this client bought our table back in february and it is being used as a desk in a law office down south.  so, next is the credenza and coffee table.  i made the sketch above assuming we would cut the cutoffs up into veneers and use them for the faces of the doors and drawers.  we're just starting that part of the project now, and i hope to have it into some kind of viewable shape by the weekend, when it's vermont open studio again !!!
more on that later.  in the meantime, click the pictures to enlarge them....

case with square pieces of mdf to straighten it up; before we added the back.  there is no face frame, so case stability and the connection to the steel base is paramount. 

here, the assembled case is sitting on a timber strand base mockup to work out the sizes and kinks in that.
and for the top and ends, we got these three incredible 28-30" wide walnut boards from irion lumber.
one piece sides about 24" wide and a one piece top, about 25.25" wide
here, we're working out the mdf substrate sizes for the doors and drawer faces.  in the end, trevor cut them back and installed 5/8ths x 5/8ths solid claro edges, which you'll see when the doors and drawers are opened.  it's now on its custom steel base that sam finished last week.
will, slicing up the veneers with out new starrett band saw blades,  mighty sharp!
 a quick mockup of a few of the slices ...
inside of the first door ... figuring out the process
ready to glue on ... i think we'll do the last piece of veneer and some butterfly work on the cnc after gluing.
the coffee table is ready to go and patiently waiting ... more later ..


Sideboards UK said...

Nice :)

Blaine Johnston said...

Is this heading to a client in NC or to a show or store?

Dorset Custom Furniture said...

this sideboard was commissioned by a client in raleigh. i'd love to make another, but it will take a minute to accumulate the cut offs to make the veneers from.

MDF Boards said...


Nice pics of drawer, as per your all post here too you have described each and every steps of creating this which are very informative for all the reader.

Thank you...