Tuesday, September 17, 2013

3rd annual dorset artists show

the dorset artists show has been extended through columbus day !  check it out if you are in the area ... i'd love to sell my table below as the metal shop is running a little over budget.  it's $6500., but i'd consider offers ...
the third annual dorset artists show is up and running, now through september 8th, tuesdays through sundays, from 11 to 6 ...  the opening party is next saturday the 8th, from 4 to 6. come on by.

click the photos to enlarge them ..
we've got one of our claro walnut slab tables with the rebar base for sale there, as well as 6 of our walnut ladderback chairs.  there are also other furniture pieces by dorset furniture makers bill laberge and steve holman.
bill's tansu style cabinet, flanked by two paintings by pam marron, one of our favorite local painters.
and steve has a nice curly maple and walnut console table ready to go as well as an interesting 'mystery' piece that is apparently still in the works.  the painting above steve's table is by cynthia rosen.
there are many other fine contemporary painters represented in the show, as well as a second floor, curated selection of paintings, quilts and furniture from the dorset historical society.  there's something for everyone.
incredible realism from nancy howe russell.  one of her 'painting a brighter future for women' series.
and there are some local scenes by penny viscusi, and many other local landscape painters like brian sweetland, andrew orr, the venerable arthur jones, georgine macgarvey, susan weiss, patty cambell, kathryn buchmayer, and others. 
and there's fantastic art from the historical society on view in a second floor exhibition curated by john matthewson.  above is a view of church street from 1925, by edwin child.  doesn't look much different today.
the dorset area has been an art hotspot for over a hundred years with nationally known and local  artists virtually too numerous to mention.  come on by ...
we've also got a maple burl and steel coffee table on display and our bullseye chestnut mirror below.  SOLD !!
this one is coming home with me if it doesn't sell at this show.  it does not deserve to live in my very dusty office .. i almost forgot it was a mirror till i cleaned it off yesterday.

8/5/13 more photos from the show
 steve holman's mystery piece finally 'showed' up
 melina white's tapestry
 mimi turton .. pastels
another nancy howe russell
a really fine arthur jones from 1954 ... the year, he tells me, of his first solo show at SVAC
more of bill laberge's work
and after you've viewed the dorset artists show, be really sure to check out kate gridley's show at the southern vermont art center.  17, 30 x 60" portraits of her childrens friends 'passing through'  .  it is a trulystunning body of life size portraits, each accompanied by audios of the subjects discussing their thoughts and hopes and dreams.   impressive ...

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