Sunday, November 10, 2013

another restored display case

 as the work on the jj hapgood store in peru is wrapping up, i felt it was time to finish up the cases that were rescued from the original store that have been 'resting' in the finish room since july.  i must admit i was ignoring them a bit cause i wasn't sure what would be involved in getting them to look good enough to go in the new store, which is going to be spectacular.  the photo above is the closest thing to a 'before' shot i have, but when i say it was an awful looking thing, you'll have to believe me.  under the sliding shelf was a half inch of some white powder that might have been baking soda, and under that was some interesting mold.  the rotating shelf had a 1/2" hump in it and, well you can see the case door in the photo above.  click the photos to enlarge them ..
 the top of the case had a large, sort of scummy spot, that required us to strip it and restain and refinish it.  in fact, quite a bit of scrubbing and restaining on all the parts was involved.
 the wavy glass, however was all there and is unbelievably spectacular. 
 both cases in fact, have fantastic glass.
 this photo shows the hardware that pulls the shelf out as the door is opened .. 
simple, and extremely clever.
 the shelf rides on v grooves and is trapped by the runners (b) below, and drops into an opening in the tracks (a) and there is a stop on the front of the shelf at (c) that stops the door and keeps i level.  although we didn't have to disassemble this one, the whole design is screwed together, i assume for ease of both original construction and later repairs. 
    nice piece!!
and for pete's pizza oven at the store, sam made the door below, using a graphic from the website.
all good ... 

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Unknown said...

Looking good! Looks way better than before! Nice job you guys!