Sunday, June 1, 2014

a figured mahogany slab

well, a friend sent me a link to this mahogany slab that someone donated to the wood shop program at dartmouth college.  so yesterday, i took a little ride over to check it out and ended up buying it.  it's unusual for me in that there are no live edges and it is quite thick .. about 4 to 4.5" .. at first, i was going to pass, but after walking around the hood museum for a bit, i decided to go back and buy it while i was there rather than change my mind after i got home and then kick myself because i would have to drive back to get it ..
so, what's it going to be? .. personally, left to my own devices, i vote for a 'power desk' .. polished or bronzed steel minimalist base, maybe a couple of butterflies, maybe a little stain to highlight the figure .. 
i'll have to sleep on it, but whatever it's gonna be will be pretty spectacular.

open to your suggestions .. 

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