Tuesday, December 23, 2014

what's happening now

we could be setting the record here these days with 'stuff going on at the same time 
right before the holidays' at dorset custom furniture this month.
started a couple weeks ago with this railing from sam's shop

and a stand for a 1953 packard hood ornament
and a maple leaf belt buckle .. first one of these i think ...
 and then these last week

and this one cemented in place, just before the snow ...
the terrain and the recent crushed stone fill around the new stairs made
this one a challenge.

and then, the snow

and the new railings at the dorset field club
still more to go there with railings at each set of stairs
and will's been busy .. here he is modeling a 'goatskin necklace', the trimming from 
a natural skin head installed on a recent banjo he finished.
more photos of this and other many other banjos at seedersinstruments.com
and i've finished some new pottery, just in time to give it away for christmas ...

and while it may not look it, this was a challenging redo, given the existing tile,
slightly out of plumb walls, and complex existing infrastructure under the old vanity.

and trevor's got a 42" round table with 4 -20" leaves
 home stretch; ready for light stain with black details soon ..

 and at the very last minute, a client we've been working with since may added these counters to the mix.  this one is 28" wide by 12'8" long by 350 pounds or so.
 this one is 5' x 6 feet by about 350 pounds or so too
 and this rather substantial claro walnut slab arrived last week from good hope hardwoods ..
63" at the wide end; 13' long; 3" thick in the rough ..
 trimmed er down a little at the local jk adams factory where we had it delivered
(they have a forklift)
 great figure !!!!!
 trimmed and in the truck.... now in the shop .. in the on deck circle for next year
and jim just sanded and reoiled a set of six of these outdoor chairs ... 
ugh! .. he was glad to deliver them back to the client

and the last two pre-christmas projects that should be finished at the end of the day today ..
above another 'x based table' from reclaimed barn parts; last coat of finish today

and this custom cue rack ... finished now, and i'll install it this morning

and on christmas eve, a last minute 'gift certificate' for a slab top coffee table .. 
i'm sure it was a hit with the client's wife on christmas morning

lit the tree at the shop yesterday .. 
merry christmas to all !!!
rudolph .. by sam, 1986

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