Wednesday, January 7, 2015

so, here's yet another staggering statistic

station WXYK, 107.1, 'the monkey', in gulfport, mississippi posted a photo of our stairs back in july of 2012.  i have been hearing reports from friends that this photo has been 'floating around on the internet' for a while now.  i guess so ... i got an email from my client about a week ago who had gotten an email from her sister-in-law on the 4th of january telling her that she had seen her stairs on facebook.  at that time, the photo had, i think, 491,000 shares.  i checked today, and it has gone over a half million shares now ... viral, i'd say.  so, unfortunately, the monkey forgot to give us credit for building them, if they even knew.   i think we missed a major marketing boat ..  maybe next time.  but then, there's a link there now, and, it's still going .. 9,000 shares in three days is not too shabby. 
and here's a link to a blog post on an even bigger set we built and sent to palo alto in april of 2009.
 below we have our other staggering statistic, one million blog page views ... and after about 6 years of blogging, i was considering hanging up my pen ... i think i'll go for a while longer now ..
i'd love to hear some comments here .. thanks!  dan


Unknown said...

Keep it coming, Dan! I read everything you post- one of the better furniture blogs I follow.

Dorset Custom Furniture said...

thanks for your comment brian .. i'll keep writing if you all keep reading .. dan

Unknown said...

Just saw the image on Facebook and came looking for the builder. With the tiny house movement going on you all should jump on the bandwagon. Beautiful piece of furniture.

Craig said...

Something about that highly functional use of space in this cluttered world really must strike a nerve with people....oh and the meticulous craftsmanship too! I'm totally going to build one for my house of the future, thanks for the inspiration.

Ryan said...

Hi Dan, I'm an amateur wood worker who came across your blog a few years ago - since then I have checked it on a daily basis anxiously awaiting new posts. I'm sure I speak for others in the "self taught" group when I say thank you for the inspiration your posts provide.
I'm looking forward to the next pool table post!

Ryan - Dorchester, Ontario