Monday, July 27, 2015

wood and metal furniture and summer in vermont

 not much blogging this month  .. it is summertime in vermont and there are lots and lots of 
distractions.  you've got your birthdays early in the month ... dan, sam, and will .. wow! 68 for me this year.  at my birthday dinner, i had a distinct and extremely lucky 'pop the champagne cork event'.  we were outside, and when i popped it. the cork went straight up about 8 feet and came, seriously, right back down into my outstretched hand .. didn't even have to move to catch it ... for other distractions you've got your golf, your tennis, your horseshoes and general beer drinking, your convertible rides, your live music here and there .... summer's short in vermont, so we try to make the most of it .. we have been working though .. below are some highlights ... 
click the photos to see them better ...
 here's the rundown
a reclaimed oak bethlehem steel coffee table .. left tuesday ..
ditto on the cherry and steel huntboard

leaving next week
and a couple of crotch walnut bedside tables coming along ...
a small claro walnut and steel coffee table out the door ..
some new belt buckles by sam
chalkin' up the states .. sam's just finished new jersey, michigan, virginia,and new york above,
and will has updated his website with his five latest banjo projects ... lots and lots happening in his shop.
check it out on his website or instagram feed

a steel base for a 3m acrylic table top .. can't wait to see that when it's finished

with the polish and clear coat
and a couple of steel and white oak nesting tables .. after
and a 'sap spout maple' bethlehem steel console
cool wood ...
parts and pieces
a couple of add on railings to get folks down the steps in north bennington ... 

and we have a nibbler for a conference table using the crotch mahogany 
slab we are trying to find a home for .. so we made a model ..

it'll be sharp .. hope it goes through ...
steel base in 3 x 3 square tubing and angle iron
finished the bar ... see the previous post ..
 and there's a cool project coming up involving a python snake skin ... a new one for us ..

and we've got a 10' walnut table going with self storing leaves..
should be ready for the finish process early next week
and we cut about 70 mdf stair balusters on the cnc for an architect friend who's building a house in florida
  and then you have your yard and garden ... crazy apples above ..
 the garlic is in .. bumper crop ...
and we're about to be buried by everything else that kit grows ...

the employees will be lockin their car doors once it all starts coming in ..
                                                   all for now .. i'm sure that's enough 

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