Monday, August 15, 2016

a custom claro walnut slab table

we finished one claro walnut slab table a week or so ago, and now we've 
got another, longer version of it in the works.

our new clients stopped by and saw the one above in the shop.  
they liked the base and wondered if it could work on a longer table ..

update 8/1 ... above is the latest in the parade of claro walnut slab dining tables ... 
finished it last week.  photographed it this morning .
more photos at the end of the post ... beautiful slab!

we made a concept model, which they liked, and we were off ..
click the photos to enlarge them ..
for more live edge table photos click this link
we picked a slab from our friends at goodhope hardwoods
 sam had a convenient hole in his schedule and was able to get the two base parts welded up ..
here's one of them with the model on top of it.. almost ready for the bronzy patina ..
which seemed a little bigger once it arrived ..

after a short wrestling match, the four of us got it onto trevor's bench

where he worked his magic on what we decided was the top so that
the clients could have a look when they came by today to discuss the final cuts
to length and width .. we're not taking too much off it ..
i rough sanded a small area and put some finish on it so they could choose between 
a satin and dull rub sheen ... we're going with the dull rubbed
nice figure !!!  more as we progress .. 
6/6 .. all trimmed up today ... a little video of that process at this link .. 

below with my stihl chain saw and matching sneakers and  headphones ..
6/14 .. sam's got the base finished and ready to go ..
 all together now .. finished photos below ...

all for now ...
10/2/16 .. with the danish cord chairs below ... 

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