Saturday, November 26, 2016

a couple of pool tables

this started out to be the definitive pool table post, but after finishing these up 
last week, i'm going to take a break before i do the serious detailed writing, which will
be mostly so we remember exactly how the steps to make one of these next time ..
these are our 4th and 5th editions of the pool table above that we originally designed and sent to chicago in november of 2012 .. here's a link ..
surprisingly, as i look back at the blog post for that table, we started it with two 
shipments of broken sets of slate.  this time, we had two broken sets also, 
only they happened in the same shipment, so we lost a lot less time ...
all but the first version of this table have been 8 foot tables, so i had my cad drawing ready to go ..
unfortuantely, they are milled as sets so you can't mix and match them,
but we were able to get started while waiting for the replacements.
a shout out here for my supplier, ae schmidt billiards in st. louis
for being so understanding and quick to ship out the new sets.

sam cut the parts and polished them up
pretty cool to do two of these at the same time .. we almost got efficient about it ...
stack em up  ...
fitting up the rails
 with the black simonis felt
with the simonis olive felt
and then we had the cue rack too ...
and a couple close ups of the rails ...

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