Sunday, April 15, 2018

just a few mirrors

i love a good mirror!  they can make a room bigger and brighter, 
and more interesting, and also create interesting reflections and shadows.
and we have made quite a few of them .. we are working now with a client who
would like to do something 'a little interesting' in the mirror department.
and below are just a few we've done ... any wood combination or size possible
and we are open to new suggestions too ... 
click the photos to enlarge them ... 
when you sit in just the right place, the mirror becomes a 'third window' but i've never
been able to catch it just right in a photo .. mirrors are actually tricky to photograph. 
same room as the first image, in my own house .. 
crazy things can happen when these two interact.
with an abalone detail
we've done a few of these
and then there's your arts and crafts style

 your round ones, with or without the convex (security) mirrors

                                                          you've got your carved details

                                                        your 'doorway' traditional style
your funky painted style ...

                                 then you can combine any wood with any frame border,
                                         above aluminum and brazilian rosewood veneer
in this case, cherry and black milk paint
and on and on

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