Monday, January 21, 2019

a quartered oak hanging cabinet

i finished this cabinet up on Christmas eve, around 10 in the morning ...
just in time, as the clients arrived Christmas day from connecticutt.
i took this project on in august, thinking i would still have at least one employee
into october.  turns out, my last one left just after labor day, leaving me with
a 10'6" wall hung cabinet to navigate and install on my own ... 
lots of dominos and pocket screws to join the 2 halves of the long cabinet
i next had to figure out how it was going to hang ...
fortunately, there was a 7" high baseboard that the back of the the
bottom of the cabinet could rest on ... if i got my hanger system right.
1/4 x 2 steel on the cabinet, rabbeted wood on the wall ...
with long screws ...
 once i had that all figured out, i had to figure how the cabinet doors would slide ...
 i had my mini mockup to test my runner concept
 1/8 th
1/8 th inch x 1/2" brass strips 'pointed' on the table saw to 
accept some little wheels typically used on sliding glass display cabinet doors 
 tricky setup and fancy waste

all hanging good and ready for doors
i had to have sam make up some hardware for the veneered sliding doors
kind of a fussy inlay job with the points, but a 1/8th " router bit and a good 
template on the cnc did most of the work
doors are in
a little finish to match the window trim and we were good to go ... 
great clients .. sam did these steel railings and
i made the wood parts for the clients last year ...
it's a really nice house .. shout out to ramsay gourd architects
and ian jensen, vermont country builders
more photos of this house on ian's website at the link above

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