Monday, February 11, 2019

a studio style desk

people ask me all the time now 'so, what are you up to now that you are retired?'
actually, i am not 'retired' per se,
but TOTALLY enjoying working in the shop by myself, organizing my
tools and supplies, jigs and fixtures and making new pieces.
this recent one is a  perfect example of the kind of project i enjoy.  
it's a desk, 22 x 48 x 29 in what i refer to as my 'studio style'.
if you click that link, you will get many blog posts and more of a history 
of the style i am referring to ... there have been a LOT of those pieces ...
tip of the iceberg above ...
close up here, with the quartered cherry figure showing up 
in the hand planed bevel on the edge of the top ... 
coincidence yes, but a beautiful detail ..
this piece has a lot of the nice woodworking challenges:
mortises and tenons
dovetailed drawers
proportion questions
just a bunch of nice processes to work your way through,
i see it as kind of an exercise in craftsmanship
start with a drawing
most of my guys in the shop in the past would have used
our JDS multirouter to create the mortises in the legs above.
but since i am learning a new tool pathing program for the CNC,
i decided i would do the exercise ... after a bit of a struggle,
 i reeled them in ... very fast, and no measuring or laying out, now that i've got 
the process down.
next up, taper the legs ... new style taper jig
create the angled rails and tenons
dovetail the drawers
make the inlay block and the individual inlay pieces.
i actually had to figure that out too as i personally hadn't 
done any for a long, long while ... i wrote down and illustrated the inlay block 
add some aniline dye and some black milk paint to the legs
and apron borders, glue it up, fit the drawers, and send it to connecticutt.
the woman who ordered this one, bought one just like it from me in,
i think, 1997.  this one is for her grandson ... 
warm and fuzzy feelings here ... 

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