Saturday, September 14, 2019


I have been a bit lax in my blogging for the last year or so. 
 as I finished the previous post about an art deco sideboard, out of
curiosity, I clicked on the 'stats' page … it has changed since the
last time I looked when it showed 30 day visits and you had to manually 
enter dates to view total page visits
here's where we are as of September 6th …

 one million, seven hundred seventy three thousand, eight hundred and forty five page views!!!

so, thank you readers.  I hope you have enjoyed your visits here,
and I am flattered by your attention.  I will keep writing occasionally, but
certainly not like I did from 2010 to 2014 when I was trying to share and document 
everything I did so I could remember the process and explain how we did things both 
to my employees who maybe weren't here for a particular project, or were 
working on something else, and also so as I aged, I could remember 
how things were done my own self.

as I look back through the 900 some blog posts, I am amazed and honored
at the number and variety of complex and rewarding projects our clients
have allowed us to create … 
Onward we go!
steel base for a slab table post 36,401 views

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