Wednesday, October 23, 2019

visiting some old friends

i had a call recently from some clients that i made some furniture for
in the 90s and very early 2000s.  they recently sold their original vermont ski house
and moved to dorset.  even though they've been here a few years, i hadn't made the effort 
to stop and see them.  they got a small 'ring' on their table after a recent dinner party
and i got the call to come see if i could help with that.  i am still thinking on the best 
way to handle it.  but, i rnjoyed my visiti and it was good to see some furniture
i made nearly 20 years ago look pretty much like it did when i delivered it,
back in the day.
this is a cell phone picture i took when i visited the lasgt week ...
and this is a picture from my website that i took with 
my nikon film camera when i delivered the table, chairs, 
mirror and sideboard when it was new ...
the table and chairs today

construction shot in the shop
and it was also nice to see this curly oak and lacewood coffee table 
with some ebony and reclaimed piano key details
and a pair of our arts and crafts cherry and burl stools 
with their original fabric .. it;s all good ...

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