Thursday, February 10, 2022

algebra ... geometry ... math in the workshop


above is a projection of the theoretical line profile of a hip rafter for two
 intersecting curved roofs ... the pink curve is made up of short straight lines 
connecting the projected intersecting lines so autocad did not generate a radius. 
fortunately, we were able to take the pink line drawing to our cad program 
and work with it. yesterday, i was talking with 3 former math teachers and the solution 
to this problem came up as one of those former math teachers, 
my friend mrs manley, was able to solve it for me when it came in last january.
this project happened in 2021, and i have always meant to write about it.
here goes .... click the photos to enlarge them ...
the rafter profile we were looking for is the angled one in the corners ...
and the architects response below
we had to use this formula on other, longer (12') 
hip rafters that we had to cut in two pieces
the main roof
a test in advantec
the two piece hip rafters

and then we had to cut a template sheet for the plywood 


well that is the algebra part ... next the geometry ...

you can see the main entry on the right side of
the elevation above, below the cupola ...
the entryway space looked like this

' Ensure Slope Matches Side Wall Angle for Conical Ceiling'
at 2 and 1/16th x 12
 not a lot of detail there ...
i sort of sorted out that info in my cad program
and then to be sure i understood what i was trying to do, i decided
                                to make a 1/8th scale model from my drawings on the cnc
looks like it all might work ...
a little harder than it looked, as theory collides with reality ...
the right hand wall was off a couple of degrees
and it all worked out in the end ..
plastered and stoned

inside ... living room ...


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