Sunday, November 1, 2015

Dorset Custom Furniture's New Blog

"Welcome to Dorset Custom Furniture's new blog. Here you will find new projects we are working on, recently completed pieces, and other useful information regarding our furniture and designs. We have a wide range of many styles from Beidermeier, Federal, Traditional Country, Contemporary, Arts & Crafts, Japanese influenced, Greene and Greene and many more. All of our work is 100% custom made and designed from the ground up with the clients. We look forward to working with you on your custom piece."

i think will wrote that introductory blog post for me back in october of 2007.   my, my, my, who knew?  here we are, 8 years and eight hundred and seventy six (!!!) blog posts later, on the first of november 2015.  it's been a long, fine ride, and while i tend to lose focus and slack off from time to time, i think i'll keep writing for at least the foreseeable future ... i like it .. the nostalgia of it, the record keeping of it, the diary function of it, and yes, the occasional comments from readers like you.  it seems a worthwhile undertaking.  so, thanks to all you 303,368 visitors who have read 1,963,322 pages of it for spending time with me, and hats off to all of you.

my very best regards,

if you are new to the party, here's a link to a few of my personal favorite blog posts.  'most popular' are over there to the right side.  also below the popular posts are the 'categories' where posts are grouped by subject.

and at the top of the home page up in the right corner there is a link to our on line SLIDE SHOWS ! with some links to their corresponding blog posts ...



nitiesh said...

this is a best pictures

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed looking at your projects and other posts over last two years. As a learning woodworker it has provided some inspiration

Richard Bissell said...

Wow Dan, that's a lot of blogging! All I can manage is my Facebook page which isn't quite the same thing. I like the diary/record keeping aspect of a blog but just can't get myself to do it.