Thursday, March 27, 2008

Custom CNC Floor Inlay

We've got several custom cnc projects going in the shop at the moment. We're making parts for a run of custom directors chairs for another furnituremaker, prototyping some screen panels for a Connecticut designer and making two custom deck inlays for a boat in Milwaukee. The Milwaukee client had a problem with his fuel tank and had to cut a pair of holes in his teak deck. He sent us a drawing and two round teak blanks. We translated the drawing into CNC router language and after cutting the recesses, we're in the process of fitting the individual inlay parts into the 12" diameter pieces of teak that he sent us. We'll be gluing the inlays tomorrow and will probably be sending them out to him Saturday. 4/4/08 Sent them out last Saturday .... click to enlarge...

One of the finished inlays

The client's original drawing

Fitting the inlay piece into a test pocket cut in mdf

Trevor, our cnc programmer / operator, 'pointing up' the round corners left by the router bit

The first inlay ready to glue

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dfense said...

how narrow of a radius can you cut in your inlay with a cnc router ?