Thursday, April 3, 2008

Metal and Wood Potrack

Below is another collaborative project between the wood shop and the metal shop. We first made concept drawings and talked our way through the design for this potrack with the client over the course of a month or two. We first cut a small wood (mdf) prototype (4" x 68" x 18") to hang in the actual living space. We made it taller (8"), made it shorter (61"), and then built the steel. Essentially it's an 1/8" x 8" box that has been painted in green and black, which will be hung from Arts and Crafts Style brackets and covered with a stained cherry Rennie Mackintosh inspired 'cover'. Glued up the wood today and we'll sand and start the finishing of the wood tomorrow. It's also loosely inspired by an Arts and Crafts hanging table lantern I made for another client. Here's where we are as of today. The hooks are made and painted, same as the metal box. Click the photos to enlarge ...

It actually just looks like it's hanging up in this photo. We took a picture looking down on it, cut it out and inverted it 180 degrees. I'll have a photo of it hanging in the space from it's custom brackets soon I hope ....

The original drawing

The glued up cover slipped off for finishing

The hanging lamp we used as a sort of inspiration

Cutting the 'cover' panels on the cnc

Gluing up the cherry 'cover'.

The real steel frame and a cut mdf sample cover hung in the finish room to determine the hanging height. Love the whole concept ... !

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