Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Custom Window Grill

gold leafed and polished ... Click th epictures to enlarge ...

After a moment of temporary confusion, we 'got er done' and ready for paint and gold leaf below

We've actually been puttering on this project, figuring it out part by part over the last couple of weeks while the construction project that will be it's final home was idling along. We now have a delivery date so we're starting the push to get it together and finish it up .... It will be a grill over a piece of glass in a passage door, and it's based on a design by Gilbert Poillerat (French 1902-1988), known for his metal work. It's been fun so far and I can't wait to see it all come together.

The original inspiration page .. Unfortunately we won't be able to charge as much as Gilbert gets these days ...

The full size drawing and the parts ready to assemble

Getting the 'bows' cut and ready to weld

The joinery of the frame (round tenons in holes, welded from the outside, is complete and the arrow needs the ball on it. Unfortunatelym the forged ball we bought was hardened by the
manufacturing process and it's proving tough to drill ... we'll get it ... heat it, cool it, heat it, cool it ... The arrow is looking pretty cool ...

6/824/08 Home stretch .... 'Bows' assembled and located, twisted wire detail explored ....


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Unknown said...

In my opinion, the custom window grill looks fantastic, totally reminiscent to the old ages where metal is king. For my house that has a medieval-themed decor, it would be a great match to my fireplace with hand forged iron fireplace accessories and hand forged iron sconces.