Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tansu Style Cabinet

This is the second tansu style cabinet we have made. The first. at the bottom of this post, was now nearly 20 years ago and I sort of forgot exactly what's involved in making one of these. There are a ton of parts already and we're still getting started .... (260 pieces of wood, plus the hardware is roughly the final tally).... Interesting project though .. Click the pictures to enlarge ..

Hardware on ... first coat of finish

Waiting for the hardware now

7/3/08 shows the seperate top unit and the back of the base cabinet

The assembled case

Original sketch above and CAD drawing below

First iteration / variation to the right

Final shop drawing ... all drawers

Showing the interior drawer supports
Starting the dovetails for the 17 drawers
Starting the interior frames .... we're gonna count the pieces of wood so far tomorrow ...
The fronts and backs of the case are glued up, but the ends are not yet. We left some pieces out so we can see what we're doing inside while we'e building the drawer supports...

Sanding parts of the top case prior to first rough assembly

The top 3 case 'skeletons' assembled

Showing the crotch cut boards we'll use for the side panels ... They'll be split and half used for each end of the upper cases. I've got a great board for the top panels too.
First assembly with all the panels prior to final fitting and glue up ...
ALL the parts on the two carts are for inside the cabinet ...
drawer sides and drawer supports

The original ... 1989 ... Danby, VT Still 100%

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