Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Simple Things

Nakashima had it right ... Get some nice wood ... Make some stuff to hold it up that doesn't distract from it, put a nice finish on it, ship it out. We finished the table for the 'Porch In My Finish Room' project. It's a slab of wood with two pieces of 16/4 walnut and some angle iron holding it up .... Minimal ... Stunning ... KISS ... Keep It Simple Stupid ... Click the pictures to enlarge them ...

The whole table 34 x 92 x 14 high

the top and the 16/4 support

Close up of the butterflie keys on the crack

The chairs it goes with

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Torch02 said...

Do you find its any different finishing a "live" piece of wood like this as opposed to something flat and squared? Do you use a different type of finish, or the same stuff you would use to finish a 4/4 plank of the same species?