Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sam's Railing is Installed !

Sam finished up his railing Wednesday .... He and Jim spent an hour and a half on site bolting the posts to the shoes ... It took longer to drive there than to install the whole thing ... Good measureing and careful planning get the job done ....

Approaching the terrace .. Click the pictures to enlarge them

Now you know why they needed a railing

This has been kind of a big railing project. It's out of town, (New Hampshire), it's a long one. (40' or so) and it's complicated. The builders placed tubes in the ground where they wanted the posts and backfilled around them, planning to pour the posts in place also, I believe. It turned out to be more complicated than that. Sam worked through it, and even though it made for some extra work on his part, he went the extra mile to get it right. There's a gate on the left end where the steps are ....
To start, we decided to make a portable form and construct the posts with detachable 'shoes'. Each shoe with a piece of 3/4" rebar welded to the bottom of it. The form was designed to hold the posts level straight and square while the concrete was poured and setting up. He had to go back after the concrete set up in the tubes, snap his level top lines and measure from inside of post to inside of post on each section. With the jogs and level changes, it involved a little fancy engineering, but when he makes the two hour tip this week with the finished railing parts, we're both confidant that it will bolt right into place. I have not been to the site, but it's on the Connecticutt River and appears to be a striking spot .... Click the pictures to enlarge them.

Setting up the jig for a test run outside the metal shop in the backyard

The posts with the 'hangers' welded on

The 2" tubing with caps welded on and ground smooth...

Some of the spindles and frame parts

A close up of the connections

Ready to paint

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