Sunday, December 27, 2009

On Making Christmas Gifts...Or Not

We had a pizza and beer Christmas party at lunch Thursday before we headed out for the long weekend. Trevor was finishing up the last of his Christmas gifts as we talked, lamenting how much time he had spent on them. Our friend Bill LaBerge allowed that he usually "no longer made gifts" ... I still do, from time to time, but I don't get too tense about getting them done in time for Christmas ... This year, I made some pots for my best clients and they will not be finished until sometime in January. Sam had the best comment ... "I made lots of gifts for people to give to other people. They paid me to make their gifts." ... a good idea we all decided. Here's what he made .... Click the pictures to enlarge them ...

Three 'howling' wolves for a woman whose last name is Wolff

Three strolling turkeys for three different turkey hunters

three states of Vermont and three states of Maine (no picture of those)

All the backs are signed and stamped with the owners name ... If you can draw the shape you want, he can probably make it for you ... They're very reasonably priced at around $50. each .... email him directly at

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