Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Business

I'm not sure I can help this guy, but if any of you woodworkers out there want to contact him, I'll give you his email address ...

"Dear Sir,

Let me start with saying that going through your website was an
interesting adventure based on the pleasant looking pieces of
furniture, unparallel designs and craftsmanship found.
But sir, selecting your company out of the hundreds of furniture
makers around is more interesting based on the fact that we do not
want any disappointment.

Therefore, satisfying our quest is the most interesting of all. Can we
count on you; for well-crafted and durable pieces of 3-drawer bedside
chest, a dresser and a mirror/kitchen cabinet?

I will strongly suggest that you send down your printed catalogue
through post. This will go a long way in stressing your potentials as
well as helping the aged who can not expose their eyes to websites.

I look forward to reading from you.

Kind Regards
David. "


kct3937 said...

Did you get a request to repatriate millions of dollars from Nigeria for a young unfortunate sweetie...or that coming?

The language looks very similar to ones I've seen

Dorset Custom Furniture said...

I get these ALLLL the time,and I even print out and save the best ones, Lord have mercy ... I just thought the wording on this one was particularly good .... I also did not know that " the aged who can not expose their eyes to websites" was a problem ...
I look forward to reading from you, all you readers ... dan