Saturday, February 13, 2010

What I'm Reading, 2010

You lost me there for a minute .... I've been reading ... And, actually, I am pleasantly surprised at the flow of new inquiries and project design requests trickling in ... We're currently working on a walnut slab table project, the ladderback chairs, a new vanity project inspired by Dean Martin's Bar, a couple of steel and walnut tables, and my website, where we have added a new section called 'client testimonials'. There's a recent one in the 'Updates' post below. Over the years, clients and friends have suggested that I post some client letters, but, somehow, it seemed a little shameless to me ... I've been converted recently by a persuasive consultant, and now that I have them up there, it feels pretty good.

I've also been reading some. Winter is a good time for that. I recently finished Greg Mortenson's powerful new book 'Stones Into Schools', an update from his previous bestseller, 'Three Cups of Tea'. It's a great read and a timely and persuasive testimony to the potentail power of education rather than bombs in Pakistan and Afghanistan. It has recently been adopted by the US military as a common read for soldiers on duty there. The stories of challenges and sucesses building schools there are truly inspiring.

Also, one of my friends/clients has written a book about his family's experience. It's called 'What Else But Home', and the subtitle is 'Seven Boys and an American Journey Between the Projects and the Penthouse.' As a family who had two different 'guests' in our home for Will's junior year and most of his senior year in high school, it particularly resonated with Kit and I. The Rosen's journey, however, was much different. It's another testimony to education and support rather than discipline and (attempted) control.

And, finally, a revisit to a favorite author, Jim Harrison, who we have been reading for at least 20 years now. This guy can get you thinking with every, and I mean every, sentence. I borrowed it from a friend but I'm going to get my own copy. Some sections are so beautifully written and thought provoking they just take your breath away .... You find yourself opening to earlier sections to reread the best parts before opening to where you left off. A historic saga of family life and nature on the American Plains ... Try Dalva too ...

2/20 ... update .... having been so taken with The Road Home, I visited the library and in the last week and read two more of Mr. Harrison's books. The Summer he Didn't Die, and yesterday, in the throes of a headache and general malaise, The English Major in about a 20 hour period ... Both lived up to my expectations and if you like his style, you'll probably enjoy thesee too ....

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