Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Progress On The Giant Tables

That's Trevor down there on the end of the table .... about 30' away ... Click the picture to enlarge it and see him smiling away down there. He's allowed to smile as this table has been pretty much his baby. He is our CNC man, and I don't think we could build these tables without one. I mean, how would I even make a template for the 1020" (85 foot) radius edge of the table? Beats me .... Below is the assembled top of the 26' x 9' table we have been working on. I have described it in a couple of previous posts here and here ... check them out for the full story ... Let me know what you think
Here we are (again) working on the table. That's Steve Holman (on the table) below of Holman Studios and his assistant Kevin helping us get it together ...
We're still on the temporary base here, and Steve is working on the real base in his shop just down the road ... We're planning to assemble the whole thing, granite and all, at least once here in my garage before we ship it all to New Jersey, along with its smaller (8'x 20') cousin that we started work on yesterday.
Yesterday, we assembled the temporary base for the 20' table in the adjoining bay of my garage and Trevor started cutting the mdf parts for that project ... If I built these all the time, we would definitely need a MUCH bigger shop.
This one is only five four foot wide pieces, but it still takes up half the shop ...
Yesterday, Herb Johnson of Johnson Marble and Granite, of Proctor, Vermont came to get the first five granite templates. That's his shop above. Herb has done much stone work for me in the past including the marble vanity top in this post, and all of the marble tops on this page here.
He'll do the 10 end pieces with the miters and their neighbors and see how they fit with the rest of the templates and then finish up with the six center pieces. He claims I've done the hard part by making the templates .... Glad to hear that ....

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