Sunday, August 14, 2011

two cherry dining tables

ok, here are a couple of cherry dining tables we made last week. 42" x 120" with a 1.75" thick top and 2.25" vertical uprights. click the photos to enlarge them ... we debated between the arced stretcher above and just below ...
and the 'cloud lift' stretcher below, a greene and greene inspired detail.
our first version was a little 'heavy', so we took a little off and slimmed it down.
better, but not as good as the arcs ...this is the first version, upside down, with the heavier stretcher ... scotch taped on ...
couldn't get my 11 x 17 printer to work so we taped two 1/8th" = 1" drawings together to have a full size paper patten for the model to work from
ok, cat's out of the bag .. these are 1/8 scale models. we made them for a meeting with our clients on friday and the models were extremely helpful in arriving at the final design concept below ..
which is currently a combination (as so many designs are) of the two models above. the top one is a previous table we first made in about 1992 ... sam actually had the idea of 'suspending' the stretcher on pins between the open verticals of the trestles. his idea would require that the whole trestle be glued up as a unit which might be fussy but it can be easily done. in that case, the pins become part of the structure and the design ... there's still a little final design work to do, but the client is on board and enthusiastic, and i'm sure we'll work it all out.

more posts on models and mockups here ...

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