Tuesday, August 2, 2011

the montshire museum benches

back in the beginning of the year, we were awarded a commission for a bench for the montshire mueum, in norwich, vermont. it was part of a contest, and they selected 5 winners, bought benches from all of us, and installed them in their 'woodland garden'. click the photos to enlarge them ...
'bridges 2' variation on the bench for the bennington museum show, 'state of craft' ... dan and will, wood; sam mosheim, metalwork and paint
dave hurwitz, one of the other bench makers visited the museum recently and sent me these photos of the benches in place and the documentation the museum posted inside. great job by the staff there ... it's an impressive show ...
dave hurwitz, white oak
mark dabelstein, burlington
lars larsen, furniture maker, and rolf kielman, architect, also of burlington
and doug clarner of east burke, vt

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