Sunday, July 29, 2012

a claro walnut slab desk (with a secret compartment)

well, here they come ... first project in a group of six claro walnut slab pieces that will be finished in the next two weeks ... we have this desk, a 12' table, a 10' table, a coffee table and a small bench, all with steel bases of one form or another ... this desk is about 42 x 66 and is sporting a new dan/sam welded steel base with our natural finish ... the slab wasn't big enough to be a dining table, though now it could seat 6, even with the bases close to the ends .. the metal at the floor is actually kind of cool when you are sitting at the end. click the photos to enlarge them ...
the base is a pair of 1.5 x 3" rectangular tube trapezoids with vertical aprons. it was sam's brainstorm to weld the long aprons vertically rather than on the 10 degree angle, which allowed us to more easily construct the drawer box.
without the desk attached
top view .. this desk is one of the walnut slabs from back in february. we can't wait for customers to come along forever ... actually, this piece is for a show we're in that is opening in housatonic, massachusetts on the 24th. more on that later.
one 24" drawer centered on the 45" apron.
and, one of our favorite things, the secret compartment ... push down on one end of the pencil tray and lift it out ...
to expose the folding brass 'tool' sam made to hook onto the small drawer at the back of the case.
the tool unfolded ...
hooking onto the compartment ...

ta dahhhh ... 6.5 x 23 by 2" deep ... room for lots of stuff ...
here are some of the other projects. some of which will get their own blog post as they are finished. this is a small bench we used to get the color and finish right on the 12' 'expresso' finish slab above it.this is a 10' with a 'rainbow' finish base that will be in stowe on the 31st.
and this is another one for the upcoming show ... a coffee table 45 x 55 x 18 ..
and this 10' table is waiting for the apartment in nyc to be finished ... it's got a blackened steel base and incredible curl ... best slab ever .... all for now

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Greetings from Art et Industrie!
Proudly presenting this wonderful Claro & Steel desk from Dan & Crew.

Just today demonstrating the hidden drawers with their impeccable dovetails & wonderful fresh-sawn aroma, disappearing invisibly beneath a profound slab of impeccably finished live-edge, wild-grained Claro.

We are entirely amazed at the incredible craftsmanship & classic, perfected design, esthetic sensitivity & eternal utility of these live-edge pieces crafted in Dorset.

This is truly some of the very best, timeless work in wood & steel ever made, World-Class works.

Jordan Schlanger,
Art et Industrie Gallerie, Housatonic, MA.