Sunday, July 22, 2012

the art et industries show

ok, showtime again ... i sort of gave up doing stuff like this about 10 years ago, but after i reluctantly did one at our local art center, i was reinvigorated.   that was back in february, and we sold a dining table, 6 chairs, a mirror, 2 lounge chairs, two woodburnings, and later on, the chestnut console table .... needless to say, that got my attention. click the photos below to enlarge them ...
so, when jordan schlanger, a well know jeweler contacted me about doing a show at his renovated mill building in housatonic, mass., i thought, why not. we had three pieces left from Linkthe february show and i had those small claro walnut slabs i was itching to do something with, so i agreed to participate. first up was the desk above, with a steel faced drawer and secret compartment. Link
and then, i couldn't resist doing a coffee table like the one we did last month. simple, straightforward, dramatic, good piece for a show.
jordan gave us a good spot, right as you come in the door, and almost the whole gallery was reflected in the bullseye mirror, which was cool.
we have 9 pieces there total: the desk, the little bench/table, the bullseye reclaimed chestnut mirror on stand, two benches, the claro coffee table, the small chestnut table, the 'dancer' sculpture, and a reclaimed oak console.
the opening was last night and it was extremely well attended with a nice 'berkshires' crowd. tanglewood, stockbridge, and the norman rockwell museum are all right nearby and the area is known for it's new york city and boston weekend residents.
sam's sculpture, welcoming people as they entered the show ..
what a space !! i'm guessing it's about 60 x 100 with 12' ceilings .. there is something here for everyone ...
the brace work you can see in this photo above the cool maple sculpture allowed the floor above to be completely clear of structural supports so they could line up the looms close together ...
big pine table ... probably almost 6 ' wide by 14' long
loved the sculpture
another shot, looking back from the other end ..
some sculptural pieces by pete from holyoke ... i have his card somewhere ...
and some very cool sculptural pieces, arranged in a large hackeysack circle ... great show; 15 or so different, yet related artists with a wide variety of work .... all for now ... check it out if you are anywhere near stockbridge or great barrington ...

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